Special Blonde Hair Highlighting

Highlights can add dimension to your hair and give them a gorgeous sun-kissed effect when done correctly. Our specialised staff knows exactly what to do with your hair when it comes to enhancing the natural color of your hair. We are very well versed in various highlighting techniques ranging from foil placement, bricklaying, angling, weaving and slicing.

From zero to blonde is a total hair type not your thing? If so, just add a few highlights. Lighter streaks in darker hair create a beautiful, more natural effect. The hair appears fuller, more glossy and healthy. Streaks are subtle colour contrasts that are not just attractive but clever too. The light accents help contour the face. Find out here how blonde streaks work best in your hair and what techniques are trendy. We can suggest some really cool styles with streaks and provide you various options to choose from.



Full Head Short Hair £150
full head long hair £180