We all know how to wash our hair right? Easy peasy! you wet your hair take the sampoo, fill up your Hand with and aply it in the middle of your head massaging all your roots and ends and job done is it?
Well No girls !especially if u have long hair and u obviously wanted to be healthy and shiny;)
Here’s the right way to wash your hair:

First u wet tour hair then u put the amount of a 2£coin in the palm of one of your hand rubbing it thru the other hand and fingers.we have 5 points of the head: sides near the ears ,back and front and the last one middle head.The roots need wash and Not the ends of the hair!sebum,smog,smells stay on the roots -middle length area.

Knowing that u start applying the shampoo that u have on both hands in the first 2sides roots then another rub between the hands and u do the next two sides and on the fifth u might need another bit of shampoo.u massage gently thru this 5 points.while u doing that the middle length of your hair is being wash too as the foam runs away from the roots.The Ends OF The Hair don’t need wash! when u rinse the foam runs true the ends refreshing and that’s all it needs?.

You probably wondering why shampoo is no good for the ends of the hair especially when the shampoo for example says for shine and non split ends?.well yes u wash the roots and that roots become ends after some time yes? The ends of the hair are dry anyway comparing with the root/middle length so rubbing shampoo thru them it’s just going to make them more dry,split ends and of course no shine!

Try it!

Next tip of the day will be how to apply the conditioner properly for a healthy looking hair?